How to Get Qualified with Special Enrollment Period

How to Get Qualified with Special Enrollment Period

Have you enrolled in ACA or Obamacare coverage? You have 60 days limit for changing your plans with some requirements to consider. To enjoy your insurance services in North Carolina, be sure to consult your primary care provider (PCP) to check if you are eligible for the Special Enrollment Period.

The following items are the qualifications you need to change your healthcare coverage:

  • Changes in the Family
    If you got married, had a newborn baby, adopted a child, lost a loved one, or got divorced, get in touch with your PCP for possible changes in your coverage for your financial security.
  • Changes in Location
    Transferring your residence is critical in your healthcare registration. If you have to transfer in the next 60 days, see to it that you make the necessary changes in your enrolled coverage to avoid future conflicts.
  • Changes in Life
    There are other factors that ACA can reconsider for you to be qualified for the Special Enrollment Period. Some of them include leaving incarceration, starting or ending membership with AmeriCorps State and National, VISTA, or NCCC, and other circumstances you can talk about with your PCP. Alternatively, you can look for a professional member of National Insurance Associates in High Point, North Carolina to help you. 

Here at Exemplar Insurance Associates, Inc., we have experienced healthcare brokers who can assist you with your ACA concerns. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at your convenience.

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