How many plans do you offer?
What Networks do you offer?
Medcost, First Health, Alliance, Trilogy, Cigna, PHCS, HealthLink
Who are your stoploss carriers?
Liberty Mutual, All-State, US Fire, Crum and Forester
What is your underwriting process?
Underwriting can be done off of a general census with Name, DOB, Gender, and zip code for all employees, spouses, and dependents.
Health Apps could be requested for further underwriting to obtain the best rates available.
What are your surplus options?
We have 3 surplus options: 0%. 50%, and 100%.
What is your base PEPM?
$30 is base PEPM, however, we can throttle up or down based on overall group savings upon request. There is no CAP!!!
Do we have access to view our groups claims information or enrollment, etc.?
Yes, each agent has an agent portal and will have access to all of their group’s data.
What is your average size group or “Sweet Spot”?
15-25 employees is our average group size
What is your contract runout period?
How many plans can one group choose?
What group sizes are eligible for Royalty Series plans?
5-100 employees
What states is your plan available in?
47 states except New York, Washington, and Hawaii
What groups are ineligible?
Law firms, MEWA’s, and Indian Tribes
Are your groups ACA Complaint?
Yes, we offer 12 ACA compliant plan designs
Do you have HSA plans?
Yes, we have 3 HSA plan options
Do you have OUT OF NETWORK plan coverage?
Yes, on all 12 plan designs
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