The Exemplar Insurance Associates Difference

Exemplar Insurance Associates is the exclusive group insurance sales, marketing, and product development arm of our parent company Exemplar, The Health Care Partnership Organization.


At EIA, our primary focus is to provide our broker distribution partners world class group health insurance solutions for employers of all sizes.  We at EIA take a lot of pride amongst our staff and executive team to provide a first-rate customer service experience.  It is our priority to ensure we make the entire sales process as effortless for our partners as possible.   Whether you have forty years of experience or four months, we are here to assist you help grow your business.

Executive Leadership

At EIA, we are very fortunate to be led by very talented, and well-rounded leadership team. With over 100 years’ experience in the product development, sales and marketing, technological, medical, and pharmacy benefit arenas, our executive team are all well respected leaders in their respective fields.

Tim Hawley – CEO


Craig Midtlien – National Marketing Director


Jennifer Vespi – Regional Sales Director


Kelsey Tucker – Regional Sales Director


Amanda Jones – Senior Executive Case Manager

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