At Exemplar Insurance Associates, we understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to Life Insurance and that is why we work with so many different companies in order to meet your needs.

Whether you want to make sure your Final Expenses are covered in full, so you are not burdening your loved ones or you want to make sure your mortgage is covered if you were to pass away before it is paid off; we have you covered.

EIA works with all different types of Life Insurance to include;

Whole Life; most folks use this type of Insurance to take care of their Final Expenses like; funeral & burial/Debts that they don’t want a loved one to worry about or really anything the client feels will be left after they pass.

Term Life; most folks will use this type of insurance to protect their family against the loss of the ‘bread winner’ and to cover a mortgage (on home or business). There are many different types of Term Life and we can customize a plan to your specific needs.

Universal Indexed Life; these policies do a few things. They will act a Whole Life policy along with an investment type engine within the policy; so if you live to a certain age you could take out income & if you pass before this age- your beneficiary will get the policy payout. These policies tend to be more complicated than just Whole or Term Insurance, so we ask that if you have questions to please contact one of our specialists.

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