Is a Prescription Drug Plan Right for You?

Is a Prescription Drug Plan Right for You?

So, you’re nearing Medicare eligibility, and you’re thinking about which addons to get. You must have come across Part D – Prescription Drug Coverage. What is Part D? Does this addon improve your financial security?

We’re glad you asked. As one of the leading providers of insurance services in North Carolina, we have had experience in dealing with all things Medicare. And with this experience, we can help you decide if getting Part D is right for you. Here are some cases where you will get the most benefit out of the Prescription Drug Coverage:

  • You are taking prescription drugs now.
  • You see yourself taking prescription drugs in the future or if your physician advises you to have maintenance medication.
  • You have a family history of diseases that are managed with prescription drugs.
  • You are unsure about your financial future and you want an additional safety net.

There are many other points and nuances to consider when deciding on what to add to your Medicare plan. We at Exemplar Insurance Associates, Inc. want to help you make the right considerations when planning for your Medicare coverage.

We have a team of professional national insurance associates in High Point, North Carolina that is ready to guide you through the process. Contact us at 888-357-7457 for more information.

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