Medicare: What to Do When You Made the Wrong Choice

Medicare: What to Do When You Made the Wrong Choice

Being able to enroll in Medicare is one of the benefits the government has to offer. Through Medicare, you can enjoy quality healthcare at a lower cost, as well as more financial security. Doctor’s visits and medication are more budget-friendly if you obtain the right Medicare plan for yourself.

It can be exciting once you have enrolled yourself in Medicare insurance services in North Carolina. However, there are cases when you realize that the plan you enrolled in is not appropriate for your circumstances. You may have chosen by basing it on inaccurate information. Even if you did extensive research and comparisons before the enrollment period, it is still possible that you would only notice the incompatibility with your availed plan after enrollment.

So, what do you do when you make the wrong choice? Medicare allows you to switch to a new and better plan through a special enrollment period, which is typically outside of the open enrollment period (OEP). Other circumstances when you can make the switch outside the OEP include:

  • You relocated to a new address that is outside of the service area of your current policy.
  • You lost your current coverage or left your current plan.
  • You are offered by your employer or union a chance to switch plans.
  • Your insurance provider changed its cooperation terms with Medicare.
  • Other special situations.

Exemplar Insurance Associates, Inc., together with our national insurance associates in High Point, North Carolina, encourages you to check your Medicare plan regularly to stay updated on your coverage. Keep in touch with us to be on top of Medicare and insurance news.

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