Is the Medicare Advantage Plan Better for You? Consider these Benefits

Is the Medicare Advantage Plan Better for You? Consider these Benefits

Whether you are still about to avail of Medicare or already enrolled in the federal health insurance program, you have the option of choosing the Medicare Advantage Plan (MAPD) and switching to it via the Medicare annual open enrolment.

There are many advantages of doing so, primarily owing to it being the more comprehensive option that includes both Part A and Part B benefits plus additional coverage via partner care providers. Choosing either Medicare Plan A or Medicare Plan B, on the other hand, only provides you with their prescribed coverage as in basic hospitalization and doctor visits, respectively.

As your trusted provider of insurance services in North Carolina, let us at Exemplar Insurance Associates, Inc. list them down for you.

  • Medicare Advantage Plan provides more benefits such as prescription drug plans, hearing coverage, vision coverage, fitness benefits, and routine dental appointments, among others.
  • Medicare Advantage Plan has extensive partners and a broader network because the main structure of its plans is designed as Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) or Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs). This offers more specialists for you to choose from should you need it.
  • Medicare Advantage Plan is cheaper because it usually has no premiums and no to low deductibles. In the long-term, this can help you establish financial security.
  • Medicare Advantage Plan sets limits on the maximum out-of-the-pocket costs you can pay.

Still not sure? Let our national insurance associates in High Point, North Carolina, assist you!

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