Here’s What You Must Know about the ACA Open Enrollment

Here’s What You Must Know about the ACA Open Enrollment

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Yes, the Affordable Care Act is indeed alive and well, and were only going to get more reassured of its safety in the coming years with the Democrats establishing their dominance in the House of Representatives. While a little bi-partisan cooperation would go a long way to improving this act (and finally put an end to all the attempts at sabotage), it is still, nonetheless, accomplishing what it was originally meant to do.

The Medicaid expansion, which is an integral component of the Affordable Care Act or ACA, has now been passed in a total of thirty-six states. Efforts to sabotage the ACA have led to reports that there will be an average price hike increase of 2.76% in 2019. This would have instead been a decline of 5.37% were it not for the deliberate attempts of crippling the act.

Looking at the bright side of things, it is still possible for a lot of us Americans to access a 2019 Affordable Care Act marketplace plan that is less than a hundred dollars after factoring the subsidies.

There’s no doubt that you all have so many questions about the ACA enrollment. This article will provide you with the resources and answers you are looking for.

Attention Everyone! Attempts to sabotage ACA and drive down its enrollment have been ceaseless. The current administration has been putting out all the stops, including:

  • Cutting in half the marketplace enrollment time
  • Slashing outreach and marketing funds
  • Cutting grants in funds by 84%
  • Revoking the individual mandate, raising the costs for those who register
  • Expanding the access to plans that expel healthy individuals from the marketplace

And if we were truly to get into it, this isn’t even half of the list. This deliberate attempt to wreck the ACA is meant to create a cloud of uncertainty in the marketplace and greatly reduce the number of individuals who sign up for plans. When there is a high number of healthy people signing up, the premiums are lowered, and the risk pool is reduced. However, without these individuals, the prices skyrocket for everyone.

As home to renowned Exemplar Insurance Associates in High Point, North Carolina, you can rely on Exemplar Insurance Associates, Inc. to address health insurance plan concerns in connection with the Affordable Care Act. Let’s all keep in mind that the picture of the American dream will always include top-notch health insurance. It’s important that we work towards accomplishing this for all our countrymen.

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