Exemplar Insurance Associates specializes in the Senior Market & all of our agents are certified by CMS thru AHIP and company trainings each year. We have over 80 years of experience on our management team and realize that the Medicare landscape changes annually; we are prepared to serve our Senior Clients in spite of these changes!

We understand that Medicare is not a ‘one size fits all’ type of Insurance and there are many factors that go into this very complex decision. We will guide you thru all possible plans and let you decide. Whether you want a Medicare Supplement and a Standalone Prescription plan OR a MAPD Plan {Medicare Advantage Part D; Medical coverage and Prescription coverage all in one} we have coverage to fit your needs.

EIA works with ALL major carriers to make sure we do what you – the client- wants. Most agents will work with one major company and will ‘steer’ you to take this coverage; whether it suits your needs (or includes your Dr in network) or not.

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