Insurance for Employee Retention & Satisfaction

A survey done in 2016 by the Employee Benefit Research Institute shows that having well-rounded benefits highly affect employee retention and satisfaction. Employees these days are not merely taking into account the monthly payroll but the entire compensation that includes health benefits. Exemplar Insurance Associates, Inc., a group of exemplar insurance associates in High Point, … Continue reading

Critical Illness Plans Can Save Fortunes and Lives

At Exemplar Insurance Associates, Inc., we have seen the dire need for health insurance in the United States. In developing insurance plans for various individuals, one of the most sought-after health plans is associated with critical illness coverage. According to research on chronic diseases, more than 133 million Americans or 45% of the U.S. Population … Continue reading

Buying Health Insurance? Here Are Things to Consider

Health insurance is not a cheap investment, but it is something that will greatly benefit you in the long run. However, that also doesn’t mean that you should just sign yourself up for a plan and be done with it. You might end up with something that is too expensive or doesn’t really cater to … Continue reading

4 Qualities You Should Look For in an Insurance Agent

Signing up for a health insurance plan isn’t just all about understanding what the details entail, but it is also about working with the right agent. After all, how will you be able to determine what you need and how much you should be spending when you don’t have someone to guide you? Having an … Continue reading

Get Health Insurance before it’s Too Late!

Health insurance is one of the most important types of insurance services in North Carolina. This kind of insurance will ensure that you have the financial resources you need for medical services. And we all know how expensive hospital fees can get, especially for surgical operations. We never know when will need to be rushed … Continue reading

Why You Should Get Life Insurance Early

Life insurance is something that few of us consider early on in life. After all, passing away or becoming severely disabled is something that is seldom on our minds. But it does happen. This is a difficult topic for most of us but it is something we all need to consider before it is too … Continue reading

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