How to Get Qualified with Special Enrollment Period

Have you enrolled in ACA or Obamacare coverage? You have 60 days limit for changing your plans with some requirements to consider. To enjoy your insurance services in North Carolina, be sure to consult your primary care provider (PCP) to check if you are eligible for the Special Enrollment Period. The following items are the qualifications … Continue reading

The Last Chance to Change Your Medicare Plan

Starting January this year up until March, you are given the chance to make some changes in your Medicare plan. It is not necessary to change your coverage yearly, but it is advisable to check your plans for possible modifications. As a partner of National Insurance Associates in High Point, North Carolina, we want to guide … Continue reading

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Medicare: How to Make an Informed Choice

Have you recently become eligible for Medicare? You must be pretty excited to finally be able to enjoy this particular healthcare benefit the government offers. However, making the right choice of when and what plan to have can become a confusing mess. With inaccurate information and misleading details mixed in with the truth, you may … Continue reading

Medicare: What to Do When You Made the Wrong Choice

Being able to enroll in Medicare is one of the benefits the government has to offer. Through Medicare, you can enjoy quality healthcare at a lower cost, as well as more financial security. Doctor’s visits and medication are more budget-friendly if you obtain the right Medicare plan for yourself. It can be exciting once you … Continue reading

Special Enrollment vs. Open Enrollment: What to Know

There are a few weeks to a few months in a year where Medicare sets an open enrollment. The open enrollment allows employees to make changes to their Medicare insurance policies, including their health insurance, life insurance, or vision and dental care. The Importance of Open Enrollment With Medicare, electing certain types of benefits during … Continue reading

Who Doesn’t Have the Qualifications for Medicare?

Medicare is an essential insurance plan to have to save on your healthcare costs. With this policy, you and your family can enjoy financial security even when the difficult times come. However, before you can obtain any of the insurance policies offered by Medicare, you need to qualify for it. Your qualification determines what you … Continue reading

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